Up and Running Quickly

quicklymySimpleAds doesn’t want you to have to climb that long learning curve hill.  Go outside if you want to climb a hill – use mySimpleAds if you just want to display your ads and move along. Learn More

Manage Your Empire Centrally

all-sitesWhether you have one site, or a googleplex of sites, mySimpleAds provides you one simple location to manage all your ads.  If you want to change the ads on sites X, Y, and Z, mySimpleAds lets you do that in one easy, fell swoop. Learn More

Stats For You and Beyond

statsmySimpleAds provides you with a nice collection of advertising stats, from impressions and clicks, to where your visitors are from.  Even better, mySimpleAds lets you share those wonderful numbers with your advertisers, either while they logon to the web console to manage their ads, or through their own RSS feed. Learn More

Support, Support, Support

supportWhile mySimpleAds is designed to be simple and just plain work, we are still always here by your side.  Each one of you took the time to investigate and purchase our product, and we don’t want to let you down.  So, whether a new feature request, or the gremlins attacked, we are here, and will continue to be so. Learn More

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