March 28,

mySimpleAds Ad Serving v2.

“I want to simply display ads and sell ads on my sites.”

Is mySimpleAds the easiest way to sell & publish my ads?

See why thousands of customers have already made the switch to the mySimpleAds ad server.


What is mySimpleAds?

mySimpleAds is a self-hosted ad server designed for personal to medium-sized businesses. Completely rewritten from the ground up, mySimpleAds v2 is a revolution in easy ad serving. What does that mean?

  • Let’s you display (publish) ads on all your sites from one console
  • Works on all devices, from desktop to smartphone
  • Sell ad space (PPC) on any of your websites with no middle-man fees
  • Installs and runs on most hosts, including shared hosting
  • Fast and Light with code designed not to slow down your sites
  • Same great customer support with years of experience
How will it work for me?

Publishing with mySimpleAds

  • Create the Ad

    Create a new ad, such as a banner, textlink, video, or free-form. You can also group ads to show multiple in the same spot or zone on your sites.

  • Copy the Ad Code

    mySimpleAds generates the ad code to paste into your sites. There are multiple options from just straight html to rotating to floating. As an added bonus, the code is designed to not slow down your sites page load.

  • Paste onto my Sites

    Paste the ad code on any of your sites where you want the ad(s) to appear. You can then modify any of the ads and see all their stats right from the mySimpleAds console.

Selling (PPC) with mySimpleAds

  • Create the Sales Spot

    Create a new sales spot, specifying the type of ads, along with the pricing type, like monthly or per click. You can also specify a fill group, so you'll never have empty ad space.

  • Copy the Sales Code

    Like the ad code, mySimpleAds generates the sales code to paste into your sites. You'll paste this where you want the sales spot to be on your sites.

  • Advertisers Buy my Ad Spots

    mySimpleAds generates your ad store page listing all the ad spots currently available on your site. Payments and ad setup are all handled for you. You'll simply get an email when an ad is ready to be approved.

It’s time to Simplify my Advertising.