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mySimpleAds Update Version 2.05

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The latest update for mySimpleAds is here – version 2_05. This version brings with it the support for Stripe credit card processing for your ad sales. The nice thing about the Stripe integration is that they never even need to leave your site. Also added the option to set a weight on your sold ad spots. You can leave it at 10, so all the old ads will show before the fill group ads, or you can lower it to mix it in with your fill group ads. One of the feature requests was to allow for the data tables listing amount value to be saved. In 2_05 now the listing tables for ad, groups, sales, users, and stats will have their settings all saved in your browser’s local storage (which all modern browsers support). So the sort values, listing amounts, etc will be saved for a year and they can be different for each table. Along with that of course you have the various fixes for anything that may have cropped up along the way.

  • Sales – Added Stripe support for ad purchasing
  • Sales – Sale Ad Weights, so you can mix your sold ad spots in with your fill group, or keep them showing before the fill group ads
  • Config – Save table listing settings for each data table
  • Sales – Can’t set status to Off
  • Ad Code – Georegion states wrong for some
  • Ads – Geotargeting not working right
  • Ads – Advertiser list status giving error
  • Dashboard – Numbers overlap
  • Api – Call stats processing more often
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