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What’s being worked on with mySimpleAds

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Just to let folks know that mySimpleAds is continually being worked on, I figured I’d share what’s on the plate currently.

  1. Working on adding in Stripe as a payment option for your ad sales, along with the existing PayPal. I’m working on using the Stripe Checkout feature which allows for payment without having to go to another page, like with PayPal. It’s quite a slick feature from Stripe and anything to let people buy from you easier is a good thing.
  2. As noted by the post image, I’m looking at adding a Bitcoin payment option for your ad sales. Coinbase¬†offers a similar feature like Stripe’s Checkout. It will let you pay with Bitcoin or through an existing Coinbase account. The one sticky point with Bitcoin payments (given how they work), is they don’t offer a sandbox(test) environment like PayPal and Stripe, so you’ll need to have a couple live accounts setup to test things. This may be a couple releases away, depending upon the demand and time needed to implement it.
  3. Also working on the external API design. For external programs like WordPress to be able to access your mySimpleAds data an API would come in very handy. I’m designing the security/authentication feature of it now. It will not use OAuth, which would be overly complex for something like this, but will use an HMAC method. This will allow for safe communications without the need to pass anything like a secret key or your username/password. Initially the API will be read only. I want to get it to a point that I can use it as part of a new mySimpleAds v2 WordPress plugin. Once that is out and if there is a need, I will look at enabling making changes to your mySimpleAds data through the external API.

Of course, there are bug fixes and smaller side items, but this is some of the main courses on the plate.

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  • Sanguinarius

    I read about what you’re working on for the future of mySimpleAds. Kewl. Thank you for being so open to new script ideas. *goes to buy the v.2 upgrade* In the meantime, I can still install the new one on my current website and just move things over to WordPress as I get the infrastructure and content developed. I’d be happy to extend a free ad to you when I get things up and running. :D


  • JingleSPOT


    Looks great… but we need AUTHORIZE.NET for standard merchant account to take CC. We do not trust PayPal.

    • matt


      Any reason you couldn’t use Stripe instead?


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