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mySimpleAds Update Version 2.06

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Version 2.06 is mostly a bug fix release. Things have been relatively stable. There is a nice new feature to export your stats from the table in the stats page. The next new feature will be the read-only API which will be in the upcoming release. Here’s the changelog for 2.06…

  • +Add table tools to stats page table listing (supporting export of stats)
  • +Uploaded images/movies will have date+time added to filename
  • +Show on the screen how many records were processed when processing the stats queue
  • +Addition of a Spanish language file, kindly donated by a community member
  • *Fix sales ad code console page showing error when no ads have been created
  • *Fix paypal ad purchase number format to send in proper monetary format
  • *Escape hostnames and referrers in stats
  • *Support migration of server setup from not having mcrypt installed to being installed
  • *Fix sales spots landing page Stripe selection not supporting multiple ads listed on the page
  • *Fix stats not showing properly in ads table until cache is cleared
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