February 28, 2020sales@clippersoft.net

At last, a way to serve and sell advertising that gets it right by keeping it simple.

Trusted by thousands of professionals and used on thousands of sites.

What makes mySimpleAds so smashing?

Intuitive console

mySimpleAds was designed from day 1 to be easy and intuitive. With version 2 you’ve got even more power under the hood, while keeping you driving straight and smooth. The advertising mumbo-jumbo is kept at a minimum and every form field has a quick explanation what it’s for.

Ad Publishing

mySimpleAds grows with you, whether you have 1 or 1,000 sites to manage advertising for, you’ll be able to manage it all from one console. Place the ad code on your sites and then add new ads, change ads, or even delete ads on all your sites from one place.

Sell advertising in-house

Add a new Sales Spot and your set, all the rest is taken care of for you. You’ll get a sales page, payments handled, ads created all handled by mySimpleAds. Don’t give your money away to someone else, make more profit and keep it all in-house.

Stats and Reporting

See how any ad on any of your sites is performing at any time with simple beauty. Search by ad, group, sale spot, or advertiser. You’ll even get weekly Emails showing your current performance and how things are trending.


While many solutions require heavy servers, mySimpleAds v2 was designed to be light and quick. When you’re starting out, it will run on most shared hosting and ready to move to other hosting only when you are ready. The database size is kept down and caching keeps the load low. Your visitors won’t be annoyed, because the ad code is designed not to block page load, so performance stays quick.

Mobile ready

When creating your banner ads, you can also upload a smaller size banner that will automatically get used on smaller screen smart phones, like the iPhone. The mySimpleAds console itself is responsive in design, which means you can manage all your ads on your desktop, tablet, or phone. So, even when you’re out, you can quickly check how your ads are doing right on your phone.

30 day guarantee

We want you to love mySimpleAds. You won’t be stuck with something that won’t work. Take it for a test drive, and if you have any issues or questions, we’re here to help.

Support, support, support

Just because mySimpleAds was designed to be as intuitive as possible, doesn’t mean you won’t have questions. We offer multiple support options, including active online docs, support forums, and support email. All are available with an active license.

Development & Easy Updates

mySimpleAds v2 was remade from the ground up to allow for more and faster updates. Anytime an update is available you’ll get a notice right in your console, and you can even update to the latest version right inside the console, and get right back to it.

Still want more? How about these great features…

mySimpleAds Console

  • Pages are all templates that can be redesigned to match your sites and needs
  • Multiple user accounts and easy roles for you, your team, and your advertisers
  • All text is ready for easy translation and/or changing for your needs
  • GeoIP Databases can be updated right inside the console
  • Backups of the database can be made with once click in the console
  • Custom SMTP server support for sending emails, or use PHP mail settings

Sales Spots

  • Fill groups for all sales spots, so no spot is left empty
  • Ad selling through PayPal designed so your advertisers can directly use a credit card or PayPal account
  • Sales supports multiple currencies and pricing types, including CPC, CPM, and time based

Purchasing & Support

  • mySimpleAds will continue to work even if you choose to end support & updates
  • Update mySimpleAds any time right inside the console
  • Multiple methods of support, including continually updated documentation, support forums, and Email
  • Open code for your own custom changes

Ads, Groups, & Keywords

  • Banners can be uploaded or selected right from a gallery listing of your current uploaded banners
  • Target your ads by Country, Region/State, or Cities
  • Preview your ads right inside the ad listing table
  • Use Keywords to target your ads or groups for easy ad/group selection from your sites
  • Weight your ads to set which ads should show more often
  • Limit your ads by start/end date or number of impressions and clicks
  • Place HTML supported captions around any side of your image banners
  • Add HTML notes to any ad or group
  • Display a row or column of ads with one group ad code

Ad Code

  • Supports VAST video for advertising through video players like JW Player
  • Both HTML5 WebM and MP4 video files supported and clicks captured
  • Works with Email Campaigns to capture both number of openings/impressions and link clicks
  • Multiple ways to display the ads including header/footer overlay and smooth ad rotation

It’s time to Simplify your Advertising.